Here you can view company settings, all of the company locations that are subscribed to InfiniTrak, and all employees with access to the InfiniTrak account.  

In the 'Company Settings' section you can:

1. View the company name, contact phone, contact email, and join InfiniTrak's Focus Lab

2. Edit any of the above information. 


In the 'Locations' section, you can:

1. View all locations with an InfiniTrak subscription

2. Add new locations

3. Edit current location information

4. Remove any locations no longer using InfiniTrak. 


In the 'Employees' section, you can:

1. View all employees with access to your InfiniTrak account

2. Add new employees

3. Edit current employee information

4. Remove employees who no longer have access to InfiniTrak.


Thank you for reading.  If you have any more questions, feel free to consult other articles in our Self Service Portal, send us a message via the support button in your account, or give us a call at our customer care line.

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