How do I acccept new and pending transactions?

Click the link below to view the online video tutorial on how to accept new or pending transactions with your InfiniTrak account:

How to Accept New and Pending Transactions 

To accept new or pending transactions:

  1. Log into your InfiniTrak account at
  2. Toggle to the 'New/Pending Transactions' page from your dashboard
  3. Locate the new or pending transaction
  4. Follow your pharmacy's SOP for accepting transactions at the whole transaction level or accepting transactions at the product level.  

Step one is to log into your InfiniTrak account at using your username and unique password.  Once you successfully login, your dashboard will appear.  Step two is to toggle to the 'View New/Pending Transactions' page.  You can reach the page one of two ways:

  1. Click the Transactions option in the side menu, then click View New/Pending, or
  2. Click the Accept/Reject New Products option in the 'I Want To' section on your dashboard.


Step three is to locate the new or pending transaction.  Once you find the transaction, you can either accept the whole transaction or you can accept products in the transaction.  Follow your pharmacy's SOP when receiving, reviewing, and accepting incoming transactions.  We recommend accepting transactions at the product level.  This allows you to review more details about the transaction and its products. 

To accept the whole transaction without viewing the product details:

  1. Click on the transaction or click the transaction's checkbox to highlight it
  2. Click Accept & Close Selected

To accept multiple whole transactions:

  1. Click the checkboxes associated with the transaction
  2. Click Accept & Close Selected 

Once you click Accept & Close Selected the transaction is moved from your new transaction list to the accepted transactions list. 


To accept transactions at the product level while viewing the product details:

  1. Open the transaction by double clicking on the transaction or click to highlight and click open
  2. Review the 'Transaction Detail - Incoming' page 
  3. Scroll to the product spread sheet, at the bottom of the page 

A. To accept a single product:

  1. Click the product or click the product's checkbox to highlight it
  2. Click Accept Selected or
  3. Click the green box. 

B. To accept multiple products:

  1. Click the checkboxes associated with the transaction
  2. Click Accept & Close Selected 

You can view details about a product such as, lot numbers and trading partner history, at the 'Product Detail' page by double clicking the product. 


Thank you for reading or watching "How do I accept new and pending transactions?".  If you have more questions, feel free to consult other articles in InfiniTrak's Self Service Portal, send us a message via the "Support" button at the bottom of your screen, or give us a call at 1.844.463.4641.

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