What happens after my subscription is suspended or cancelled?

If you decide to let your subscription expire it goes through multiple states before the data is moved to long-term storage.  This gives you time to reactivate if you want to continue the service, or to back up your data if you decide you no longer want the service.  Here is what to expect:

State: Expired, lasts for 30 days

In this state, users will no longer have access to the InfiniTrak application.  Our customer care team can reactivate the subscription and get you back to using InfiniTrak.  If you do not reactivate your subscription, be sure to back up your data.

State: Disabled, lasts for 90 days

In this state, your access is revoked and you will have to pay for the gap between expired access and reactivating your subscription.  Users cannot sign in or access InfiniTrak services until your account is made active.

State: Deprovisioned

Admins and users no longer have access to InfiniTrak services.  All customer data, from user data to documents and attachments, is archived in long term storage.  At this point, you cannot reactivate your InfiniTrak subscription.  Additional fees will be charged to re-establish your company, users, and migrate your data back into the production database.


Thank you for reading "What happens after my subscription is suspended or cancelled?".  If you have more questions, feel free to consult other articles in InfiniTrak's Self Service Portal, send us a message via the "Support" button at the bottom of your screen, or give us a call at 1.844.463.4641.

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