Understanding trading partner statuses

At your "Authorized Trading Partners" page is a spreadsheet where you can see all of your requested trading partners and the status of your connection.  The status types are Connected, Customer number required, Manual, and Waiting for trading partner.  

  • 'Connected' means that you are connected with your requested trading partner.  At this stage you should be receiving transaction data from your trading partner. 
  • 'Customer number required' means that your requested trading partner is asking for additional information about your location.  This information is most likely your location's customer number.  The customer number is the identification code your trading partner has on file for your location. 
  • 'Manual' means that your trading partner does not send data electronically.  As a result, you have to manually enter the data when you receive the invoice from your trading partner.  
  • 'Waiting for trading partner' means a request to connect was sent to your requested trading partner and we are waiting for a response.  

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