How do I use Add Existing Product?

Add Existing Product is a tool that allows you to add products (including associated data), already existing in your InfiniTrak system, to a transaction.  To add products via Add Existing Product:

  1. Open Add Existing Product 
  2. Complete the necessary search parameters (you can search by NDC, description, name, date range and more)
  3. Click Search
  4. From the relevant products, select the check box to highlight the product
  5. Click Add Selected
  6. Close the window


Important: When you use Add Existing Product, you are pulling from a pre-determined data set that only includes data you already have.  Example, if you are required to send lot numbers and/or trading partner history and you use Add Existing Product, you are relying on your trading partner to send that data.  

For more information, see Best Practices. 

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